We, that means the Theater Olé, its audience, its friends and artists, celebrate “birthday” together: the tenth anniversary of the FIRST AND BEST CLOWN THEATER IN VIENNA.

We, that means everybody who has accompanied and supported us in these years or has contributed to the success of this festival…… all the clowns who instantly accepted showing their art here in Vienna…. everybody who has taken part in the trailers or has accepted playing music at the FIRST AND BEST CLOWN BALL OF VIENNA ……. everybody who has donated so generously to our KRAUT-VAN-DING (English: Crowdfunding) project…everybody who feels attached to our Theater or would like to be part of it in the future:
All of them already have a history with the Theater Olé.
The directors working on their joint program “Celebration” to premiere it on the opening night!
And, of course, the organisation team of the festival which set the sails months ago with all their enthusiasm and energy and now are approaching the much awaited “haven”, the realization of the festival.