About us

We are every person who has accompanied and supported the THEATRE OLÉ from its beginnings or has joined in recently; everyone who stands (or falls or jumps or rolls) on the stage; all the “directors” who organize and tidy up; everyone who has helped kindly and generously and is a real friend. We are the clowns travelling to our festival to show our skills; their companions and assistants; the teams of the theatres LILARUM and DSCHUNGEL WIEN who have kindly offered their venues to compensate for our small stage. And of course everyone who comes to SEE us; our wonderful audience, without whom neither the FIRST AND BEST CLOWN THEATRE IN VIENNA nor the CLOWN FESTIVAL VIENNA would exist.

We are everyone taking care that this year´s festival will be again a CELEBRATION! Joyful, funny, lighthearted and filled with wonder! Not without reason is the motto of the festival: LET´S SAVE THE WORLD!

Your Festival organization team